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Industrial and craft areas: SMEs penalized by lack of ultrabroadband – Digital Agenda

24 April 2024 | Press review

The infrastructure gap in Italy’s industrial and artisan areas hinders the digitization of SMEs. Between public and private initiatives, a solution is being sought to ensure access to ultrabroadband and provide the technological tools needed to meet the challenges of the future.

A robust and efficient ultrawideband infrastructure can act as a catalyst for innovation and progress, but what happens when this is lacking?

It happens in our country, where the beating heart of the economy consists of about 5 million Small and Medium Enterprises, more than 70 percent of which are located in areas that municipalities’ master plans have earmarked for productive activities and are named Industrial and Artisan Areas (AIA), which are typically located outside urban centers. Areas where, however, connectivity is insufficient, with all the consequences not only for the productivity of these realities, but for the whole process of digitalization of the country compared to the rest of Europe.

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