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Cybersecurity and fiber optics: a new perspective for business

10 July 2023 | News

In this context, fiber optics emerges as an irreplaceable enabling factor to ensure security. In this article we will examine the importance of cybersecurity in enterprise networks and illustrate how dedicated fiber optics can help improve it. We will also try to provide practical tips to protect companies from cyber threats and attacks.

The importance of information security in enterprise networks

Cybersecurity plays a critical role in corporate networks: data breaches can cause significant financial damage and damage the company’s reputation, sometimes irreversibly.

Cyber attacks can take many forms: from hacking to malware, from phishing to the dreaded and increasingly popular ransomware attacks.

Il Sole 24 Ore reports the data provided by the Clusit Report 2023: “In 2022, there were 188 attacks, up 169% from the previous year. Of these, 7.6 percent hit the mark (compared with 3.4 percent in 2021). Rounding out the picture was severity, which was high or critical in 83 percent of cases. The most attacked sector in Italy in 2022 is the government sector, with 20% of attacks, followed very closely by the manufacturing sector (19%), which accounts for 27% of the total attacks surveyed in the sector globally level“.

This unedifying overview leaves no doubt about the need for companies to implement advanced security measures to protect systems and information.

In order for it to be a strategic element for the company, cybersecurity must be managed with a holistic approach, including data protection, network security, authorized access, and, perhaps most important of all, employee and contractor awareness.

Corporate policies for information security

Within every company, it is essential to structure a robust information security policy, including the use of complex passwords, regular software updates, the installation of a firewall, and the adoption of encryption systems for sensitive data.

In addition, as mentioned above, user education and awareness are crucial. Employees should be informed about cyber risks, such as phishing, and undergo regular cyber security training sessions.

Dedicated fiber optics and its importance for cybersecurity

Among the many technological solutions enabled by an all-fiber, high-performance network, cybersecurity solutions are undoubtedly must-haves for any business owner. Its importance to business is also evidenced by how many Internet Service Providers put Cyber Security solutions at the heart of their offerings, always alongside connectivity services.

In fact, fiber optics offers numerous advantages for IT security in enterprise networks. Using a dedicated fiber connection, for example, companies can create a secure and reliable private network, protecting sensitive data and ensuring business continuity.

cyber security

Also essential is the use of robust encryption protocols, such as IPsec (Internet Protocol Security).

Finally, additional security measures will also be required at the network infrastructure level, such as firewalls, network traffic monitoring and intrusion detection systems, to protect data during transmission.

Cyber security enabled by fiber optics

Ultrabroadband has opened up new opportunities for cybersecurity-related services and applications for businesses. With the high speed and throughput offered by ultra-broadband, companies can implement advanced solutions to protect their systems and sensitive data. Here are some examples:

  • advanced security monitoring: ultra-broadband enables a rapid and continuous flow of data, allowing companies to deploy advanced cybersecurity monitoring systems. These systems can constantly analyze network activities, identifying and reporting any anomalies or suspicious activities in a timely manner. Advanced monitoring helps prevent cyber attacks in real time and mitigate their effects;
  • intrusion detection systems: fiber optics also makes it possible to implement highly effective intrusion detection systems (IDS). IDSs constantly monitor network traffic, identifying abnormal patterns and behavior that could indicate an attack in progress. With high bandwidth, these systems can analyze large amounts of data in real time, enabling rapid detection and response to threats;
  • advanced encryption solutions: FTTH offers increased transmission capacity, enabling the implementation of advanced encryption solutions. Data encryption is critical to protect sensitive information during transmission. With ultra-broadband, companies can use more complex and robust encryption algorithms, ensuring effective protection of transmitted data;
  • Fast backup and recovery: fast backup and recovery of corporate data is possible thanks to ultra-broadband. Regular backups are essential to ensure business continuity and protect vital information from loss or damage. With ultra-broadband, full or incremental data backups can be performed quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing business resilience;
  • secure remote access solutions: finally, fiber optics is also an enabler of secure remote access solutions. With the increase in remote work and distant locations, it is essential to provide employees with secure access to company resources. Ultra broadband provides a reliable and fast connection, ensuring secure connectivity for remote users.

Cybersecurity as an element of growth

Security is essential to keep the level of trust high in the digital economy. However, we need to adopt a new perspective and look at cybersecurity, not as a blocker, a limitation, but as a key enabler for business growth. Protecting the digital space of companies, large and small, will be a key element in achieving the economic goals of our country’s businesses.