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GetBy and FibreConnect bring fiber optics to 140 Monte Urano businesses

3 June 2023 | Press review

FIBRA – The partnership between the two operators has enabled the entire industrial zone to be wired at no cost to the city government, giving
Opportunities for enterprises to relaunch themselves through networking. TecnoGeneral ad Fausto Bottoni: “From the end of June, Monturan companies will have the same
possibilities than those in Milan or Rome.”

Following Ponzano di Fermo, Fermo and Fiano Romano, GetBy, a TecnoGeneral brand and telecommunications operator with nearly 30 years of experience in the area, in partnership with FibreConnect, an independent operator offering high-performance and reliable connectivity services for businesses in the Italian AIAs, is building an all-fiber network in the industrial area of Monte Urano to enable all businesses in the area to take advantage of ultrabroadband at competitive costs in line with their needs.The project, designed and implemented by some of Italy’s leading industry experts, aims to increase the competitive capacity and economic appeal of the Marche region through sustainable innovation and the development of businesses of all sizes and operating in all sectors. With next-generation network infrastructure and advanced connectivity services GetBy intends to actively contribute to the implementation of innovation policies in its territory.

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