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Villa Selva goes ‘network’ Fiber optics for businesses – The Rest of the Carlino

11 May 2023 | Press review

Forlì-based Zal chosen by FibreConnect for industrial zone intervention. A project over two decades overdue, the first to be wired will be Casta.

Selva, in Forli. The private investment is about 500 thousand euros, shared between two telecommunications companies, with work starting in about ten days and completion by the end of 2023. “We believe in our local area,” says Paolo Casadei, CEO of Zal telecommunications, “and we want to commit ourselves to providing businesses with an up-to-date Internet connection. Zal, which means yellow in Romagnolo, is a solid company and we were chosen by FibreConnect to offer a service that is innovative compared to market standards.”

“This will open up new business opportunities in an area where connectivity,” explains Loretta Carbonetti, owner of Casta, which hosted the project presentation, “is crucial for economic growth and to be internationally competitive. Casta is the first company in Villa Selva to sign the contract with Zal to be wired. Located on Lumiere Brothers Street, it has been engaged in professional catering equipment for over 50 years, a world leader in ‘wok’ cookers. It exports all over the world and, in its field, is a flagship of the made in Italy.

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