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Forli. Fiber arrives in Villa Selva, ultrabroadband access to all businesses in the industrial zone – Corriere Romagna

10 May 2023 | Press review

Excavation is about to begin for the new ultra-wideband network that will enable surfing at up to 10,000 Mbps for businesses in Forli’s “Villa Selva” industrial zone. The bureaucratic process is now complete, and in a few days FibreConnect, an independent operator offering Wholesale Only, high-performance and reliable connectivity services for businesses in Italy’s AIAs, and Zal, a Forlì-based telecommunications company, will kick off construction.

Zal Telecomunicazioni, a company of connection services for businesses, born in Forlì now ten years ago, confirms its roots in the area by estimating to reach with true fiber all the businesses in the “Villa Selva” industrial zone.

We believe in our local area and want to be committed to providing businesses with an up-to-date Internet connection,” says Paolo Casadei, CEO of Zal telecommunications. “Zal, which we remember means yellow. in Romagna, is a solid and growing company, which is why we were chosen by FibreConnect to offer a service far above market standards. With 2 Gigabit access and our Cloud Firewall services, we increase companies’ competitiveness by equipping them with an infrastructure that ensures secure migration/enablement of services in the cloud“.

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Forli. Fiber arrives in Villa Selva, ultra broadband access to all businesses in the industrial zone