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FibreConnect and EXA partner for fiber optics in industrial areas – 01Factory

28 April 2023 | Press review

FibreConnect S.p.A., independent operator which offers, on a Wholesale Only basis, high-performance and reliable connectivity services for businesses in Italy’s Industrial and Artisan Areas (AIAs), has signed a strategic partnership with EXA Infrastructure, the digital infrastructure platform among the largest in Europe and North America, for the Implementation of fiber optic network infrastructure in Italian industrial and artisan areas who still do not benefit from the coverage of traditional operators.

“We have identified a shortage of fiber connectivity in the business market and EXA Infrastructure is the main partner to ensure the construction of a strategic and robust backbone between Rome and Milan,” said Renzo Ravaglia, CEO and Co-Founder of FibreConnect.

“We started from this important infrastructure to build branches to the various regional Industrial and Artisan Areas (AIAs) and bring our fiber with transmission speeds of up to 10Tbps. This is an important strategic starting point for an ambitious goal: to reach and connect to the main Internet Exchange points and data centers 1,000 AIAs and 250,000 small and medium-sized enterprises that make up the beating heart of the Italian economy.”, Ravaglia concluded.


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