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Strategic agreement between Estracom and Fibreconnect to develop FTTH infrastructure in industrial and artisan areas of Tuscany

16 February 2023 | News, Press release

Estracom S.p.A, an Estra Group company, and FibreConnect S.p.A today concluded a strategic partnership agreement to accelerate the further development of FTTH infrastructure in the most important industrial areas of the Tuscany region. FibreConnect’s Project, through agreements with Local Operators, aims to develop a national Ultra Broadband network that will ensure greater penetration in industrial and artisan areas of the territory.

The project will enable the infrastructural growth of FTTH networks in industrial areas, which will be in addition to those already built by Estracom, and will give Estracom the opportunity to expand its current Customer Base. The commitment to FibreConnect is linked to the purchase of minimum volumes of connectivity services in the same areas identified during the course of the project, which the company will champion.

The fact that these areas can already rely on FTTH infrastructure and that this can be further deployed is an advantage in bridging the digital divide in the Industrial Areas ” – explains Fabio Niccolai General Manager of Estracom – “the use of fiber in access and the technological upgrade of electronic equipment give FibreConnect and Estracom’s project the opportunity to create stable, high-capacity TLC networks, making it possible to implement digital services, in line with the digital transformation process that companies are facing“.

The collaboration initiated with Estracom contributes to the acceleration of the plan to cover the country’s Industrial and Artisan Areas, where the Small and Medium Companies that represent the heart of the Italian economy are rooted“, stresses Franco Fabbriciani, general manager of FibreConnect “The goal is for all businesses to enjoy the benefits of fiber optics, regardless of their geographical location. This agreement will enable Tuscan companies in the Industrial Areas to improve their level of competitiveness through the adoption of state-of-the-art connectivity services“.

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