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The era of fiber optics in Sicily’s industrial areas starts from Carini

13 December 2022 | News

An investment of several hundred thousand euros to equip the industrial area of Carini, in the province of Palermo, with fiber optics. Taking the field are FibreConnect and Mandarin, which, together with Sicindustria Palermo, the Municipality of Carini and the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo and Enna, today called together entrepreneurs and institutional representatives, in the Bellisario Hall of the Italtel campus in Carini, because, as Vincenzo De Caro, managing director of Mandarin, pointed out, “since this is a totally private industrial initiative, the level of adherence of companies will be important.”

Specifically, FibreConnect and Mandarin have identified the industrial area of Carini as the first area in the Sicilian territory where next-generation fiber optic infrastructure can be implemented.

“We will start in early March,” announced Giovanni Cialdino, Afc FibreConnect manager, “and we expect to finalize the investment as early as early May.

“Equipping an industrial area with a fiber-optic ultrabroadband communication infrastructure,” said Sicindustria Palermo President Giuseppe Russello, “is a strong incentive to attract new production facilities and increase the competitiveness of existing companies.

That Carini’s industrial area today still does not have fiber is embarrassing. We need fertile territories, otherwise even the tax breaks provided with SEZs will be useless.”

A concept also reiterated by the extraordinary commissioner for the Western Sicily SEZ, Carlo Amenta. “We need to decide once and for all,” relaunched Giuseppe Monteleone, mayor of Carini, “who should administer the industrial zones. Today we have an absurd law that gives the roads to the municipality but does not provide it with the budget for maintenance. This is why today I am asking for a protocol to be signed between the Region, Sicindustria, the Municipality and the Zes in order to plan concrete interventions with certain timeframes.” Invitation taken up by the regional councillor for productive activities, Edy Tamajo: “We have a concrete project. I have already identified with Commissioner Amenta the main issues that I intend to address right away. This is why I am asking you to meet us again in exactly one month during which we will also commit to finding the funds for the redevelopment works affecting the internal road system on an executive project of Irsap presented already a year ago right in the headquarters of Sicindustria Palermo.”